6 Signs You Need A New Hot Tub Cover Now

In today’s COVID world, more and more folks are investing more time, energy, and money into their own backyards. Leisure time with family and close friends is revealing itself as an important factor in today’s world. Our family and friends are investing in ‘staycations’ in their own backyards. Hot tubs are growing in popularity and an enjoyable, safe, and energy efficient mode of relaxation is more and more appealing to our families and friends. 

When it comes to enjoying the backyard, we don’t want to have any interruptions or be fussing with an old out-of-date hot tub cover. To protect our backyard investments, we can start my recognizing a few signs when it comes to hot tub cover replacement.

Imagine this – there you are driving your car down the road and making your way around a tight curve in the road and suddenly the tires on your vehicle are squealing. “Huh, is that me?” Upon inspection, your tires not only show signs of wear and tear -but, they’re bald. Perhaps it’s time for a new set of tires?

Well, it’s not really that different when it comes to hot tub covers. If there’s wear and tear on your hot tub cover, it’s not going to perform as intended. One of the main purposes of a hot tub cover is to provide insulation from the cold and prevent heat flow or heat loss. This thermal resistance or R-Value indicates the resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-Value, the greater capability your hot tub will insulate and hold in the heat. There are several benefits to a good hot tub cover, and thermal resistance is the primary benefit.

So, what are the actual signs that indicate we need a new hot tub cover?

1. The Cover is HEAVY

Ok, it’s 9 o’clock at night and you’re headed out to the hot tub for an evening soak. You step up to the hot tub and begin lifting one edge and realize, “I’m either getting weaker or this tub cover is getting heavier.” What the h*#)?

Your hot tub cover is waterlogged. When the vapour barrier fails, the inner foam begins to absorb more and more water. This water absorption is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mildew. Not only is it a health hazard consideration, but the waterlogged hot tub cover greatly affects the other components of the cover.

Waterlogged covers begin to lose their ability to insulate and become less energy efficient. A waterlogged hot tub cover can lose up to 75% of it’s original R-Value or insulating capacity. Ouch !

Waterlogged or heavy covers also put stress on the lifters of your hot tub cover. It’s a waterlogged hot tub cover that should be replaced sooner that later.

2. Strong Odour

Normally, our hot tubs smell like fresh vinyl and a slight chemical fragrance. 

Imagine, your sitting in your hot tub one night enjoying a glass of wine and all of a sudden, you’re overwhelmed by this odd (ok, foul) smell coming from the hot tub. What the H*#@ is that smell? This is not relaxing or enjoyable anymore.

If you’re smelling something other than vinyl & mild chemical odour, it’s time to investigate. A weird or abnormal smell emanating from your hot tub could mean several things. 

It could be mold, fungi or some form of bacteria. A waterlogged hot tub cover potentially could be a petri dish waiting to happen. The bacteria that’s growing like a swamp thing in your pool cover is beginning to smell. 

Nasty, funky smells from your hot tub is not a fun thing and again, time to consider the fix or replace solution.

3. Material is Deteriorating

Inspecting your hot tub cover can be quick and easy to spot problems. Looking for signs of wear and tear on the skirt, hinge, zipper, and stitching would be a good start. 

The function and purpose of the hot tub cover skirt is to prevent wind from lifting your tub and insulating from heat loss to some degree. If the skirt is showing signs of folding or deterioration, it may not be doing it’s job. Rips, or unrepairable folds can be a problem. 

Watch for tears and damage in your hot tub cover. These are entry points for water, which can cause water logging and mold.

Handles and Straps that show signs or wear and tear will not serve their purpose. The straps hold down the cover for security and if they’re not working, it’s time for a quick repair. 

One off the biggest issue for our hot tub covers is the stitching and  integrity of the vinyl. If it’s ripping apart or showing signs of separating, it might be time. 

The hinge or centre seam itself can be a point of great heat loss.Precious heat can be seeping out this area of the cover. If the stitching or construction or this portion of the top is faltering, this may be a sign. If the hinge or centre seem is damaged, it may be again due to a heavy waterlogged cover.

It’s a good idea to check all the stitching and vinyl around the hot tub cover.  You don’t want that stitching coming apart mid season. Any breaks, cracks or tears can be big problem in disguise. 

In Canada where the winters can be harsh, there’s nothing worse that making your way to the hot tub, and the cover is having a issue. Inspect today, enjoy tomorrow.

4. Cover is Changing Shape

One very visual sign that it’s time to replace your hot tub cover is a sagging shape. A changing shape can cause the cover to let heat out. A sagging or distorted top will not do what it’s suppose to do. 

Canada where the winters can be harsh, there’s nothing worse that making your way to the hot tub, and the cover is having a issue. Inspect today, enjoy tomorrow.

5. Cover Is Pooling Water

A cover that is collecting water on the top usually is an indicator or waterlogged or tired cover. The last thing we want to do before jumping in our hot tub is trying to lift a puddle on top of the cover.

6. Energy Costs Are Going Up!

It’s sometimes difficult to measure, but a defective hot tub cover can reduce the energy efficiency of the cover and cost you more to heat the hot tub. Hot tub covers are meant to save you money and operate efficiently and economically. Saving our energy is what it’s all about.

Rising hydro bills can be a sign that it’s time for a new hot tub cover.

We’ve all seen the hotel and resort outdoor hot tubs with all the steam rising from the hot tub. That hotel/resort is basically heating the outdoors. I’m glad I don’t have to pay that energy bill.

Benefits of a New Hot Tub Cover

Remember that vehicle with the squealing tires? Once you replace your tires, you wondered how you ever did without them.

Enjoying your hot tub with an efficient cover can make all the difference in the world. Why keep the old, waterlogged, sagging, vinyl cracking hot tub cover that really doesn’t cut the mustard?

Enjoying your family’s backyard can be as easy as investing in a new hot tub cover.

Top Benefits of a New Hot Tub Cover

  1. Keep the Heat in and save you money
  2. Make it easier to open and close
  3. Preserve other components of the cover (The Lifter)