Hot Tub Cover Maintenance Made Easy

Congratulations ! You’ve purchased a new hot tub or perhaps replaced your existing hot tub cover. Now, what can we do to ensure the life and longevity of our investment? How can we properly use and maintain our cover to enjoy for the years to come?

Specific Use

Mountain Covers designs covers for a specific use. Only the best and strongest materials have been used to achieve maximum heat retention. Mountain Covers are not designed to be tear, rip or abuse proof. Caution must be used in handling and using the cover in order to maintain its durability and function. The Mountain Covers Inc. maintenance and use instructions are provided to prevent damage to the cover. Damage caused by failure to follow the maintenance and use instructions will not be covered by the manufacturers? warranty.

Maintenance and Use Instructions:

The cover is not a safety cover. Do not stand, sit or lie on it or permit any heavy weight to rest on it.

Rainwater, Snow or Other Weight:

Weight on the cover may cause the edges of the cover to curl, or progressively warp and bow the cover, or in extreme cases cause the foam inserts to break. To avoid this keep all weight-bearing objects off of the cover. Water and snow must be swept off or kept from accumulating or puddling on the cover. Should puddling occur, unzip the vinyl, remove the foam, turn it over and replace it.

Fading and Other Discolouration:

Fading and discolouration of the vinyl will occur naturally with extended exposure to the sun.

Cleaning and Vinyl Care:

Keep the cover clean. As often as necessary wash with mild soap and rinse with clean potable water. DO NOT USE SOLVENTS, PETROLEUM BASED PRODUCTS, ABRASIVE CLEANERS OR STRONG DETERGENTS. (ie. Fantastik, 409, etc.) All vinyls contain plasticizers which must be maintained in the material to prevent drying out, cracking, flaking and deterioration. These plasticizers migrate out and escape naturally through time. Sun and cold speed up this process. Applications of a vinyl cleaner and conditioner may retard this type of deterioration if used more frequently than every three to six months. DO NOT USE PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN SILICONE or ALCOHOL. We recommend the use of 303 Protectant, available from Mountain Covers: 1-888-970-0532


The vinyls are marine treated, but will deteriorate quicker when exposed to high levels of chlorine, bromine, ozone or other active chemicals. Each time chemicals are added, remove the cover completely and place it far enough away so splashing cannot inadvertently reach the cover. Chemicals should be added frequently at low levels instead of infrequently at high levels.

Care of Sewing Holes and Thread:

The sewing holes and thread are the greatest potential weakness in a cover.

Vinyls are soft leather-like materials which the thread can cut if the cover is roughly handled. This is especially true when the vinyl has been exposed to hot sun. The handles and tie downs are double reinforced with thick vinyl coated rip-stop PVC material. However mistreatment by sudden jarring motions can damage them. Stretching or pulling one half against the other may rip the cover at the thread holes. To prevent damage any handling of the cover should be done in a gentle manner.

Floating Blanket:

The use of a floating blanket is not a requirement for warranty performance, however it can increase the life and efficiency of your cover. A floating blanket can also provide better overall system insulation value.

Installation of Lock Kit:

Position tie down strap so it is fully extended, without stretching. Locate centre hole in the lock on the strap and attach fastener in that location.This may prevent the wind from lifting the cover off the tub.