Calgary Skyline in Winter

Hot Tub Covers

Calgary deals with extreme weather changes. You need a cover that will stand up to the harshest sun and the bitter cold.
Don’t leak money from your Hot Tub.

Keeping Your Hot Tub HOT During Calgary Winters

Calgary is the coldest major city in the country. Temperatures can drop so low you think we’re in the space program some nights. You need to make sure your Hot Tub is holding the heat.

Our 4-Season Hot Tub Cover has an available upgrade option to include a full-hinge seal. This stops heat from leaking between the seam and minimizes the heat that escapes between the crease. The upgrades cover should pay for itself in the first season alone!

Stopping Ice Build-Up

Our Hot Tub Covers are built to handle the snow in Calgary. Don’t worry about going away for a few weeks and coming back to a mountain of snow on your cover.
Your Cover can handle it!

When building your cover, choose the 2lb foam density upgrade option. This increases the durability of your Hot Tub and can even support a full grown man walking on it. Don’t forget to pick up a Cover Lifter for lifting up your cover during winter.

Our Hot Tub Covers Covers

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    4-Season Cover

    SAVE 9% ($60)
    Was $679.00

    Dear snow, bring it! The 4-Season is designed to handle heavy snow. This model also has a foam density upgrade option for extra support.

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    3-Season Cover

    SAVE 11% ($70)
    Was $639.00

    The 3-Season can handle colder temperatures and light-medium snow, while maintaining optimal run-off with it’s 5” to 3” taper.

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    Summer Cover

    SAVE 9% ($50)
    Was $579.00

    Perfect cover for warmer climates or indoor use. The 4” to 2” taper allows for excellent water run-off, while maintaining a light weight.

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