Cover Construction

At Mountain Covers, we are proud to manufacture covers that are built in Canada, to weather all that Canada has to offer! From snow, to rain, to safety, and marine-grade materials throughout, these covers to built to last!

Spa Cover Features

  • Reinforced Handles: Reinforced, triple-stitched handles for added durability. These handles are designed to withstand being open, closed and enjoyed time and again.
  • UV Stitching: Double stitching throughout using UV inhibited, bonded, polyester thread.
  • Vapour Barrier: Vapour-proof barrier that completely vacuum seals foam against water absorption.
  • Tapered Foam Core: Tapered foam core options including 4-2″, 5-3″, and 6-4″ to allow for rain water and melting snow to run off.
  • Vinyl Hydroliner: Vinyl hydroliner with UV mold and mildew inhibitors.
  • Aluminum “C” Channel: Aluminum “C” Channel down the centre fold for added strength.
  • Sealing Pads: Sealing pads and evaporation seal sewn into the centre seam to help reduce heat loss.
  • Zipper: Commercial-grade nylon zipper.
  • Key Lock Downs: Key lock downs to secure cover.
  • Double-layer Skirting: Perimeter, double layered skirting keeps heat in.
  • Marine-Grade Vinyl: Marine-grade vinyl is treated with mildew and UV inhibitors.
  • Double-Reinforced Hinge: Double Reinforced folding hinge provides added strength and durability.

CFC-Free Hot Tub Covers

All of our hot tub covers are CFC-Free and environmentally friendly. Our foam manufacturing process uses steam rather than ozone-depleting freon agents thus protecting the ozone layer.

That’s a breathe of fresh air!