Custom Options

Learn more about the hot tub cover options available at Mountain Covers and what to consider when making your selection.

Hot ton cover foam density walk on option

2lb. Foam Density (Walk-On Option)

At Mountain Covers, our covers come standard with 1.5lb foam density.  The 2lb. Foam Density Upgrade (or walk-on option) is only available on The 3-Season and The 4-Season models, as it is most-typically needed to handle the weight of heavy snow.

However, if you have kids or pets that might walk on your cover, or live in an area that gets wet snow, increasing your foam density is a smart upgrade.   A foam density upgrade is referred to as a walk-on option because your cover will be able to support more weight.  Higher foam density also increases the insulation or r-value of your spa.

Keep in mind, however, that an increase in foam density will increase the overall weight of your spa cover.  We recommend a cover lifter for walk-on covers.

Hot tub cover reflective liner

Reflective Liner

All of our covers come standard with a flat grey liner.  A very common upgrade is the reflective liner, which lines the underside of your cover with a silver reflective material to bounce the heat back inside your hot tub.  Reflective liners add that extra layer of energy efficiency and are mold resistant.

Hot tub cover fold

Spa Cover Fold

The fold or hinge on a spa cover determines what side you will open the spa cover from.  Even if your spa is circle or square, the fold direction can matter.  You will want to consider things like where deck railings or buildings are in relation to the spa, where the control panel for your spa is located, and if you will be using a cover lifter.

All of these considerations come down to making sure you can easily access opening and closing your cover.  We recommend standing in front of your spa where you want it to open. Think of the fold like a finish line right in front of you.

Hot tub cover skirt length

Skirt Length

The Skirt Length is the length of the flap that extends below the foam on your spa cover. The purpose of this flap is to protect the acrylic lip of your spa from weather damage.  It also helps to prevent wind debris from getting under your cover.  Skirts do not factor into the insulation of your spa (the weight of the cover and seal handle the insulation).

Our covers come in skirt lengths ranging from 0” (no skirt) to 7”.  Measure from the bottom of the foam (or rim of your spa) to the bottom of the flap. Do not include the foam in your measurement.

Hot tub cover vapour barrier

Vapour Barrier

The vapour barrier on your hot tub cover lies between the foam and the outer fabric.  The vapour barrier surrounds the foam with a plastic liner to protect the foam from absorbing moisture.  All of our covers come standard with a 2mil vapour barrier, with the option to upgrade this through one of our energy saving combos.  An increase in thickness in your vapour barrier can increase the life of your spa cover by years.  Upgrade options are available for a 4mil or 6mil vapour barrier.