About Spa Covers

Understanding hot tub covers and options

Is climate an issue?

YES. Do you live in a snow belt or perhaps in a rainy zone? Climate can make a difference when choosing the right hot tub cover. Generally speaking the colder the climate, the more protection the hot tub will need. The denser the foam, and thicker the cover, the better protection against the elements.

For example, if you live is a part of Canada that gets lots of snow, we would recommend The 4-Season with a 2lb. Foam Density upgrade. The 4-Season is our thickest cover with a 6″ to 4″ foam taper. The 2lb. Foam Density upgrade (also know as a walk-on option) will allow for extra weight.

What do I need to look for when buying a cover?

Buying a replacement hot tub cover should be functional, properly fitted, properly constructed for best insulation, easy to use, and value priced.

It should also come in an assortment of colours and material choices.

What are typical hot tub cover R-Values?

R-Value is mainly determined by the thickness and density of the core material. Other factors that contribute to the R-Value are the vinyl used and the poly wrap material that seals the foam core.

The core is made up of a Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)-free foam that is moisture resistant, chemical resistant, and carries an insulation and compressive strength.

Examples of R-Value are:

1lb density tapered by 4” to 2” has an R-Value of 10.74. 2lb density tapered by 4” to 2” has an R-Value of 13.05

The vinyl and sealed core can typically add a R-2 value bringing the total R-Value of a 2 lb foam density to R-15

Don’t forget, a waterlogged hot tub cover can reduce the R-Value by up to 75%

What is R-Value and why is it important on your cover?

R-Value or thermal resistance indicates the resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the capacity for your hot tub cover to insulate from heat loss.

Also, the greater the r-value, the more energy efficient.

Why is the cover tapered?

A hot tub cover is protection to your hot tub or spa. A tapered cover allows rain, snow and debris to drain off the cover.

Depending on the overall dimensions of the hot tub cover, tapers range from 3”-2”, 4”-3”, 5”-4”, and 6”-4” for more harsh climates.

Is heat sealing the inner wrapping important?

One of the most common cover fails is when the foam core absorbs too much moisture. It caused the cover to become much heavier plus reduces the cover’s ability to insulate. The inner foam is wrapped in heat-sealed plastic (usually 4mm-10mm) to protect against moisture absorption. It’s very important that this foam core is sealed properly.

What’s a lifter and why do I need it?

A lifter is a very useful accessory (necessity) that will preserve your cover from wear and tear. The lifter makes it easier to lift and fold out of the way for easy access and storage while in your hot tub.