How to measure your hot tub or spa for a replacement cover

How do I measure the skirt length for my replacement hot tub cover?

Measuring Hot Tub Cover Skirt Length

The Skirt Length is the length of the flap that extends below the foam on your spa cover. The purpose of this flap is to protect the acrylic lip of your spa from weather damage.  It also helps to prevent wind debris from getting under your cover. As a rule of thumb, the skirt should by 0.5 inches longer than the acrylic rim of your spa to protect it. Do not include the foam in your measurement.

Our covers come in skirt lengths ranging from 0” (no skirt) to 7”.  Measure from the bottom of the foam (or rim of your spa) to the bottom of the flap. Round up to the nearest half inch.

What should I consider when selecting my spa fold?

The fold or hinge on a spa cover determines what side you will open the spa cover from.  Even if your spa is circle or square, the fold direction can matter.  You will want to consider things like where deck railings or buildings are in relation to the spa, where the control panel for your spa is located, and if you will be using a cover lifter.

All of these considerations come down to making sure you can easily access opening and closing your cover.  We recommend standing in front of your spa where you want it to open. Think of the fold like a finish line right in front of you.

Should I measure my old cover or the hot tub itself?

If you currently have a cover and are happy with the way it fits, you can measure your old cover for size. If the cover has warped or changed size in any way since you purchased it, it is recommended to measure the spa as this will provide a more accurate measurement.