Hot Tub Covers

We understand the specific climate conditions that make Edmonton special. Edmonton’s weather, while cold during the winter does provide higher temperatures than outsiders expect.

Edmonton Hot Tub Cover

Handle the Snow. Stop the Ice.

Bring on the snow! Our hot tub covers can handle the snow. With our 5-Year warranty, we guarantee that our covers will make it through each winter.The vapour barrier in the 4-Season Cover protects against heat leaking from the top. If heat leaks out, it could melt the snow and then freeze at night. This could leave a layer of ice on top of your cover.

Hot Tub Cover for Hot Weather

Edmonton Can Bring the Heat

Edmonton can have some really hot days during the summer. With the dry weather and the sun beating down on your cover, we need to make sure the sun doesn’t fade the colour.

Our covers are made from a polished vinyl that is specifically coated to repel the harsh sunlight. This technique keeps the colour of your cover radiant through year after year.

Our Hot Tub Covers Covers

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    4-Season Cover

    SAVE 9% ($60)
    Was $679.00

    Dear snow, bring it! The 4-Season is designed to handle heavy snow. This model also has a foam density upgrade option for extra support.

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    3-Season Cover

    SAVE 11% ($70)
    Was $639.00

    The 3-Season can handle colder temperatures and light-medium snow, while maintaining optimal run-off with it’s 5” to 3” taper.

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    Summer Cover

    SAVE 9% ($50)
    Was $579.00

    Perfect cover for warmer climates or indoor use. The 4” to 2” taper allows for excellent water run-off, while maintaining a light weight.

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