Introducing our new name: Mountain Covers

Midland, ON, For Immediate Release:

Hot Tub Covers Express has rebranded to Mountain Covers. This has meant a name change, logo change, and web address change – but the same great products and service! Read more to find out our inspiration behind the rebrand.

Our new web address is mountaincovers.com (you will notice that our old web address hottubcoversexpress.ca is now directing you there).

There have been no changes to ownership or your orders and you can reach us at the same phone number anytime (1-888-970-0532).

Why the name change?

As a Canadian company, we understand the desire to spend as much time outdoors as we can during all seasons.  And with those seasons, comes a variety of weather conditions that demand quality craftsmanship on anything we leave outdoors.

To us, Mountain Covers evokes this spirit.  It stands for strength, ruggedness, and durability – which you can depend on with any of our products.

Our New Logo

Mountain Covers

Our new logo for mountain covers says it all.  You will notice the ‘M’ mountain at the bottom. This represents strength and durability. The top of the logo is covered with a ‘C’ for covers, representing protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my current order or order emails be affected in any way?
Any current orders or order emails WILL NOT be affected in any way. Although we changed our domain to mountaincovers.com, everything from hottubcoversexpress.ca was redirected to the new domain, meaning there are absolutely no changes for you. In fact, it’s the exact same website with a new logo and colours.

Can I email my salesperson at the same address?
Yes! If you have an old email on file like hello@hottubcoversexpress.ca or andrew@hottubcoversexpress.ca, you can reply to that email and we will receive it no problem. We recommend that you update us in your address book to hello@mountaincovers.com or andrew@mountaincovers.com, but if you don’t, there will be no problems at all. We receive both to the same inbox!

Has there been a change in ownership?
There have been absolutely no changes in ownership – simply a name change! We wanted to rebrand to a name that we felt better reflected our product line and who we are as a Canadian company that sells Canada-tough products to fellow Canadians.

We want to hear from you

If you have any questions about our rebrand, or any of our products, please contact us at 1-888-970-0532 or email hello@mountaincovers.com.