Measurement Guides

When you place your order for your custom hot tub cover, you will need the measurements for your cover handy. We recommend printing the measurement guide for your hot tub shape and bringing it with you to measure. You will need:

  1. Measuring Tape
  2. Framing Square (for Rounded Corner shape only)
  3. Pen or Pencil
  4. A Helper (not necessary, but makes measuring easier)

Measuring Quick Tips

Measuring Hot Tub Cover Skirt Length

Skirt Length

During the measuring process, you will be asked to fill in your desired skirt length. As a rule of thumb, the skirt (or flap) of your cover should by 0.5 inches longer than the acrylic rim of your spa to protect it. Do not include the foam in your measurement. 

Measuring hot tub cover radius

How to measure your spa radius

Firmly place a framing square (or ruler and straight edge) at a 90 degrees around the corner. Measure the length before the curve stops (in the example shown here, the radius would be 7 inches)

Spa Hinge or Fold

While you are measuring, it is a good time to think about where you will want the cover to fold. The fold or hinge on a spa cover determines what side you will open the spa cover from. We recommend standing in front of your spa where you want it to open. Think of the fold like a finish line right in front of you. 

Need help measuring?

Need some help with your measurements? No problem!
Call one of our Cover Specialists at 1 877 544 2683, or visit our FAQ on measurements for more information.