Coast Spas Vantage Curve Hot Tub Cover

Coast Spas Vantage Curve Hot Tub Cover


The Coast Spas Curve Series of hot tubs feature a protective curved wall and integrated waterfall that make them the ultimate spa experience! Due the way the lip is contoured, a standard flat piece of foam (found in typical hot tub covers) is not able to sit flat on the lip. Our custom covers are manufactured specifically for the Coast Spas Curve Series with a variable taper and pads to fill in the contoured areas to keep steam/heat from escaping. Relax and know we have you covered with a custom Coast Spas Vantage Curve hot tub cover.

Coast Spas Vantage Curve Dimensions: 81.5″ x 81.5″ x 40.25″ (47″ at back)



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