Hydraulic Mount Hot Tub Cover Lifter

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The new UltraLift Hydrauliic Cover Lifter uses gas springs making it very easy to open and close your hot tub and increase enjoyment and safety when using your hot tub.

Max Cover width: 109″; Max Corner Radius: 16″
Clearance Required: 5″ on sides, 12-14″ at the back.


The Hydraulic Mount hot tub cover lifter incorporates gas springs to assist with the opening and closing of your hot tub, increasing your enjoyment and safety when using your hot tub.

The corrosion-resistant gas springs provide extra lift assistance, making it simple for one person to remove the lid from outside or inside the tub with minimal effort. Replacing the cover is equally easy, enabling an individual to return the cover securely to the correct position which reduces heat loss from your spa.

The UltraLift Vision Hydraulic Mount hot tub cover is constructed from e-coated and powder costed Galvalum tube which virtually eliminates twisting and torque, and ensures almost no flex when the cover is being opened or replaced. The brackets are powder-coated Satin Coat steel and will withstand the harshest of environments. Your UltraLift hot hot tub cover lifter is rust-resistant and will provide years of reliable, maintenance-free service. And without perma- nent attachments to your cover, the UltraLift Vision will extend the life of the seams on your hot tub cover. 

The Hydraulic Mount hot tub cover lifter requires very little clearance behind your hot tub – no more than three times the depth of your spa cover. UltraLift Vision’s patented design will fit spas up to 8’ feet wide, and will fit on virtually any size or shape of spa cabinet: square, rectangular, octagonal and even traditional wooden or new portable hot tubs. (Fits a maximum radius of rounded corners of 16”.) 

Assemble in less than an hour
using an electric drill, screwdriver and adjust- able wrench. Easy-to-follow instructions, parts list, and a toll-free customer service number are provided

The gas springs offset the weight of the cover, increasing your enjoyment and safety when using your hot tub or spa. It also makes it easier to place your cover securely and in the correct position when closing, which will reduce heat loss from your tub.

  • Use on In-Ground Spas
    Extensions Available
  • Max Cover Width: 109″
  • Max Corner Radius: 16″
  • Clearance Required: 12-14″ & 5″ on the Side


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