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About Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas are one of the most iconic Canadian hot tub brands and for a reason!  They are manufactured for the world’s harshest climates, meaning they are literally built to withstand 4-season weather.  Protect yours for many years to come with a custom cover.  We manufacture for almost all standard models and can custom build for specialty options.

Arctic Spas
Standard Covers

Standard Covers are up to 96" and do not include raised speakers or waterfalls.

Arctic Spas Specialty Covers

About Our Covers

Our covers are manufactured to match your specific spa brand make and model.

Subject to model specifications.*
Hug Every Curve
Firm seal no matter the size or shape.
Multiple Folds
Fold large covers easily with a tri-fold cover.
Variable Tapers
Keep steam and heat from escaping your hot tub.
Custom to Your Model
Manufactured specifically for your hot tub features.
Protective Flaps*
Stop steam from escaping around your speakers.
Wide Colour Selection
Choose from 12 marine-grade vinyl colour options.
Keep Debris Out
Snug-fitting covers protect your spa from the elements.
Heat Retention
Insulated covers retain heat and save on energy costs.
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